About Us

Sublime Table Brands was established in 2015 with the sole purpose of bringing high quality tableware to the local market.

The 3 partners have a combined 40 years of experience servicing the hospitality industry.

  • Grant Mayer – Founder and CEO of Gourmet food Distributors.
  • Rob Sulcas – Founder/Owner of Aqua d’or Mineral water and Chill Direct beverage distributors.
  • Glenn Myers – launched JARS and REVOL to the local Hospitality market in 2011.
  • Janne de Beer - Years of experience and expertise in the Ceramic and Smalls business and Hospitality Industry local and export

We chose to launch the business with 2 French crockery brands – JARS and REVOL , as they both epitomise Sublime Table Brands' vision to bring unique, high quality table top products to both the food service and consumer market.  

We now also offer BCE smalls to complete your basket puchase

Both REVOL and JARS products are handmade in France to the highest culinary standards, and are in use at top hotels and restaurants globally.

Both Revol and Jars are fired at higher-than-normal temperatures to ensure a stronger product which is chip-resistant, microwave and dishwasher safe.


For more information on our brands, visit:

http://www.jarsceramistes.com ,

http://www.revol1768.com ; 

or contact us on the following numbers:

Janne de Beer - 082 772 3512

Glenn Myers - 082 411 0555