Don't just take our word for it

“The plate is a canvas on which I come to express my creativity. I like to take risks and flirt with danger in order to best immerse my guests into a world of alchemy. Everything lies in the balance between instinct and thought, experimentation and tradition.

Because quality comes with creativity, REVOL products perfectly suit my inventive approach. The innovative play of materials breaks the codes of plating and gastronomy, for a more daring cuisine.”

Viviana VARESE Chef Alice - MILAN

“American steak house food requires quality materials in robust designs. I believe in ingredient-driven food, and quality products enhanced by stylistic finishes, such as black with a cast-iron effect. Also, the marriage between porcelain, wood, glass, and stainless steel in the REVOL collections underlines the convivial atmosphere of our place. You are in an urban chic setting – a slice of New York in the heart of Geneva.”

Philippe CHEVRIER Chef Chez Philippe - GENEVA

“Everywhere in the world, the food brings people together. Its magic lies in the connection it makes between cultures.
Thanks to its spirit of openness to the world and its multicultural offer, REVOL brings balance to my VIP Buffet. Like a red string linking my various dishes, it highlights my creations with its quality original finish.
REVOL brings a touch of French chic to my buffet."

Antoine RODRIGUEZ Chef Le Meridien - KUALA LUMPUR

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